About Us

Why Choose Denova Medical, Inc. As Your Equipment Provider

Medical equipment has a major role in the healthcare delivery quality and cost effectiveness which significantly effects the success of a healthcare facility. Evaluation of your product suppliers is critical in qualifying your facilities commitment to a vendor. Although there are several suppliers in the industry, only Denova Medical, Inc. can offer you:

Reverse Engineering Refurbishment: Denova Medical Inc used reverse engineering techniques to design a custom refurbishment processes for each device. The reverse engineering refurbishment has failure rates lower then new products since we have the advantage of a known failure history. Reverse engineering also allows the development of aftermarket parts or parts sourcing that we can use in our refurbishment.

Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Denova Medical, Inc. has thousands of devices in our database with sophisticated reporting and bench marking capabilities.

Experience & Reliability: With over 20 years of management experience, Denova Medical is the leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry and our customers can count on us to provide a complete product turnkey solution guaranteed to meet their needs and budget.

Large Inventory & Quality Products: Denova Medical, Inc. provides its customer with a one-stop-shop platform by stocking the largest quantity and variety of medical equipment in the industry, allowing our customers to compare among major models and manufacturers.

In House Biomedical Engineering Department: Denova Medical, Inc. employees the largest combined team of biomedical and computer engineers in the industry. With their multiple technical certifications and training they can refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufacturer’s specifications and provide years of after sales support.

Customer Service: Denova Medical, Inc. uses custom CRM software to coordinate our customer service response and field service dispatching.

Parts: Denova Medical will keep the FDA 7 year of part and support recommendation to our refurbished equipment.

Warranty: All of our products are accompanied by our standard one year warranty and we carry a comprehensive liability insurance guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.