Endoscopy Services


Our extensive knowledge base of scopes and monitoring equipment over the past 20 years can be surpassed by none.
Minor Repairs
  • Clear Air/Water or Suction Channel
  • Replace Air/Water Nozzle
  • Replace Bending Sheath
  • Angulation Adjustment
  • Replace Light Guide Cover Lens

Major Repairs
  • Minor Fluid Invasion
  • Major Fluid Invasion
  • Replace Forcep Channel (Includes B Sheath)
  • Light Guide Bundle Replacement
  • Angulation System Overhaul
  • Video Hub Rewire
  • CCD Rewire
  • Light Guide Tube Replacement
  • Bending Section Rebuild
  • Suction Cylinder Replacement
  • Insertion Tube Replacement
  • I/T & Angulation Overhaul
Denova Medical, Inc. offers FLEXIBLE and RIGID endoscopic equipment repair services. We pride ourselves on the numerous qualities we present to our clients. We feature over 40 years experience in customer service, and will go to great lengths to make sure our clients’ needs are met. We also bring over 30 years of endoscopy repair experience into our facility. Our knowledge, and technical skills are great assets to our company, as well as our clients.We possess over 10 years experience in working with ISO 9000 procedures and labor directives. This provides the confidence in knowing that each and every piece of equipment that comes through our door goes through an extensive process and checklist. Our quality control is unsurpassed in requiring that every scope outgoing makes it through our QC method and meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a service of quality, integrity, and commitment. Denova Medical, Inc. intends to prove that we soar high above all other medical equipment repair companies and we will make yours a pleasurable business experience. Our goal is to empower our customers with affordable repair costs on all types of scopes.